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Burnt out vacuum cleaner is inexpensive to fix! You can purchase a new motor for a vacuum cleaner and replace it yourself, quickly and easily. And if you do not know what kind of engine you need - we will pick up the model for you.

Vacuum cleaner motor for Dyson

Original   -  65 / 72$
Analog     -  32 / 37$

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            Dyson YDK YV-16K23FA
            Dyson YDK YV-16K23C


EAN 4058212232470

DC19 DC28 DC29 DC33 DC37 DC39

Vacuum cleaner motor for Dyson DC19 DC28 DC29 DC33 DC37 DC39...
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Dyson DC29
Dyson DC37 Allergy Musclehead
Dyson DC41
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Parquet

and other
Attention! We sell only proven and reliable electric motors for vacuum cleaners, which when executed
our recommendations on
operation will work for you for a long time!

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